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Unique fetish fine art photography



I invite you to dive into my magical universe where creative sensuality and fetishism turn into an ode to Women's beauty and endless power. 

I started having my feet worshiped and adored some years ago. A magnetic Creature who has complete dominion over men and their longings emerged from me.

The Queen was born, manipulating animate and inanimate matter with her precious, perfect feet, reigning over all the realms of desire. 

Being both the artist and the model, I deeply incarnate my Creations.

The eye of the slave and his absolute devotion to The Mistress also contribute to the momentum of my visuals. Worship is poetic, erotic and allegoric. 

Photographs are ordered by series: feet, legs, body, fesses and men.

More than images, they are a source of inspiration that transform lives, ignite the flame of passion in every being, and resonate with the world. 

An enchanting fluid is emanating from them whispering to your imagination and senses ...

​Yes, the magnificent energy of the Goddess is finally exposed to all.



"I will write poetry in your veins,

brand your skin,                                                                            

infuse your heart

and penetrate your soul.                                                                      

... You will think of me in secret."                                                                                                                             Angela